About Us

About Us

Established in 1995 with a vision to focus on comprehensive and reliable property services to all global public community. Wish Empire today is one of the leading provider of real estate solution. With our unique service model, we have enabled our clientele located all across India to be informed about property buying and investment decisions without stepping out from their home.

We provide in-depth information on buying, selling and renting out properties in India. The portal provides an ideal medium for independent owners, real estate agents and builders to advertise their listings on the Internet and for potential buyers to search for properties in a private, hassle free environment.

Believing that Real Estate is not just about buying and selling properties but finding homes, we drive all our energies to the sole purpose of providing the best of services and the right platform for people to find their dream homes.

In our pursuit of excellence, we commit to strive relentlessly, leveraging technology and constantly innovating, to cater to all property needs the best way we know how. With Its deep-rooted foundation of ethics and values, Wish Empire continues to conquer new dimensions, thus pioneering and identifying new vistas of growth for the realty and infrastructure sectors.

The company management is run by qualified professionals who are fully engaged to ensure that the company maintains its high standards. We at Wish Empire have always strived hard to keep its commitments and thus enjoys an extremely profound reputation in the real estate industry.

Our Vision & Misison

Our vision is not just providing quality living to our esteemed clientele but also redesigning skylines, business lines and life lines as well.


Founded in 1995 with a vision to provide comprehensive real estate solutions to all strata of society, Wish Empire today is considered among the leading real estate companies. With our unique service model, we have enabled our customers pan India to take decisions regarding investments in best properties across the nation.

Believing that real estate is not just about being in property business, it is our pursuit of excellence that has driven us into providing comprehensive and need based real estate solution in both commercial and residential sector. We commit to strive relentlessly, leveraging technology and constantly innovating to deliver the best in class. Led by very young and exuberant entrepreneurs Mr. Vinay Joshi and Mr. Vikas Joshi ,Wish Empire continues to scale new heights, thus pioneering and identifying new vistas of growth for the realty and infrastructure sector.


A family oriented business, the company was started by two brothers, Mr. Vinay Joshi and Mr. Vikas Joshi in 1995. Their company was founded upon the principles of commitment, flexibility, honesty and integrity. Important to stand behind all they say and do. To this day these principles remain the foundation that continues to hold the company true to their reputation as great builders.

Being into the Real Estate Industry, I have always believed that each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves. The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a concept created is loved before it exists.

Hence, the buildings should be constructed with sheer dedication and certitude as every stage of a new construction makes the building stronger. Honesty, integrity, accountability and the values are the hallmark of our company. Our company is responsible to the people to provide their dream homes where the constructing building is not just cement and bricks but with feelings.

For us, our most important stakeholder is our customer. We’re in business to serve the needs and desires of our core customer base so that we are able to create a better future.

We are not just a construction company, but we make our customers’ dream come alive.